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Honey Should Just Be Honey

GenuHoney certified honey is the only certification that allows consumers to trace honey right back to the beekeeper who produced it

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GenuHoney means that nothing is ever added to the honey, it is never blended with other honeys, and that everything that was meant to be in the honey, is still there when you buy it.

Honey is one of nature’s most precious gifts. Honey is much more than a sweet and delicious topping for almost everything. The story as to how honey is made, and the critical role that honeybees play in the survival of our ecosystem and continuation of our food supply, make bees and the honey they give us, one of the earth’s most treasured resources.


Unfortunately, much of the honey that is sold in supermarkets around the world, is adulterated with sweeteners, and blended with poor quality or heavily diluted honey from other parts of the world.

GenuHoney® was created to allow you to taste honey as it was made. Beekeepers and packers who are certified with the GenuHoney® certification have been rigorously audited and their honey is carefully tested before we certify it. When you see the GenuHoney® certification on the bottle, you can be comforted to know that the honey is 100% pure and authentic.

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Womens International Honey Producers Ass
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Combining Forensic Audits, Science and Technology to Validate Authentic Honey from Source to Supermarket




Adulteration, mislabeling, dilution, blending

and substitution are all common practice

in the honey industry.


Honest and ethical beekeepers have been fighting for a standard of identity for honey for years. Without one, the good beekeepers are suffering huge economic harm.


Through a combination of forensically-based authenticity audits, independent sample procurement, testing, and technology, GenuHoney® offers beekeepers, packers and retailers, a one-of-a-kind, honey authenticity validation solution.

GenuHoney® is an active supporter WIHPA and plays a critical role in both training women in beekeeping and in helping women beekeepers get their honey to consumers around the world. GenuHoney® has created a special certification shaded pink to indicate that the honey was produced by women. Please look for honey with the pink GenuHoney®certification to support women beekeepers.

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