Market Differentiation

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Stand out and ahead of your competitors as a progressive purveyor and supporter of GenuHoney® certification. Consumers seek and are willing to pay a premium for certified products.  GenuHoney® certification compliance offers a unique topical marketing opportunity for your brand.

Market Access

GenuHoney® is based in the United States. Through its parent company INSCATECH®, a company widely recognized and respected throughout the global food industry, the GenuHoney® certification will be aggressively promoted to the largest consumer market in the world (as well as the European and Pan-Pacific markets).

Loss Prevention

Reduce the losses realized due to food fraud (substitution, dilution and mislabelling), supply chain fraud, inventory distress and crises related revenue pressures.

Risk Reduction

Reduce, identify and mitigate risks through unannounced audits,  testing and authentication technology.

Brand Protection

Protect your reputation and brand via effective authentication and supply chain scrutiny and technology.  One single incident of fraud could cost a company irreparable losses in revenues and consumer confidence.

Supply Chain Control

Validate your supply chain source to supermarket.  Identify vulnerabilities, mitigate and control your supply chain through the GenuHoney® Solution.

Reduce Liability

Reduce liability through proof of supply chain scrutiny, testing and technology.


Reliable/Affordable Testing

Competitive testing costs are attainable through GenuHoney®'s network of accredited labs.

Objective and Secure Sample Collection

Our global team of auditors are specially trained in the forensic analysis and  procurement and preservation of honey samples.

Supplier Pre-Qualification

Know and control your supply: strength through visibility and validation.