Combining Forensic Audits, Science and Technology to Validate Authentic Honey from Source to Supermarket




Americans eat an excess of 400 million pounds of honey each year. Without enough hives to support demand internally, half of the annual consumption amount is imported. More than three quarters of the honey sold in the US isn't honey to begin with or has been altered from its original form. 


The illegal circumvention of US anti-dumping duties and quality controls is rampant. More than one third of US honey is smuggled illegally into the US from China. In order to skirt these controls, Chinese exporters transship via other countries and fraudulently mislabel country of origin.  India is another large supplier of honey to the United States and Canada. Honey fraud is rife in India.

Adulteration, mislabeling, dilution and 

substitution are all common practice in the honey industry.

Declining bee populations worldwide have led foreign suppliers to flood the North American marketplace with counterfeit honey.

Legitimate beekeepers are being forced to lower their prices to compete with cheap counterfeit honey. It is a grave injusttice


Honest and ethical beekeepers have been fighting for a standard of identity for honey for years. Without one, the good beekeepers are suffering huge economic harm.

Solution: Check for the GenuHoney label to assure authenticity.



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