Women's International Honey Producers Association


The Women's International Honey Producers Association (WIHPA) was created to educate, train, empower and dignify women beekeepers in both the developing and developed worlds. Our goal is to enable women around the globe to sustain themselves through beekeeping and through the sales of honey, wax and honey products.


We will provide funding for training women in the art of beekeeping and purchase equipment for them to start their own hives and to extract the honey, wax and honeycomb from the hives. We will provide training in business communications, strategic planning, operations, finance and marketing. Our mission is to enable women to sustain themselves and their children. We will instill confidence in women and provide them with skills that can be passed on to future generations. Concurrently, we will employ WIHPA to restore honey to its rightful place as the most precious and revered food in the world.

GenuHoney® is an active supporter WIHPA and plays a critical role in both training women in beekeeping and in helping women beekeepers get their honey to consumers around the world. GenuHoney® has created a special certification shaded pink to indicate that the honey was produced by women. Please look for honey with the pink GenuHoney® certification to support women beekeepers.